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I know more than a little about computers and the Internet.  At this moment I own and operate four websites. The others are:

My personal website is here:
Ted Dunlap . net

My economic, social and political commentary website is here:

Carrying the same content (mostly), quite a bit older and with archived articles beginning in 2006, is:

I built a website as a Valentine 2014 present for Missy to play with:

I built on contract a website for the Ravalli County Offroad Users Association:
Ravalli Offroad .com

I made some modifications to localize and make the Bitterroot Credit Union‘s website more suitable to our area.

I made a replacement for the Sundown Realty website.

I have built several more websites for myself and others that served out their purposes and have been allowed to go away.

Obviously I can build one for you. I can create, establish and support your website needs and desires for a whole lot lower cost than I have found offered anywhere else.

I am a pragmatic artist, providing great value for any budget.

With the hosting service I use, all websites include nearly limitless space and e-mails within each Internet domain you own.