There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball, And that is to have either a clear conscience or none at all.
-Ogden Nash (1902-1971)

neighborhood posse

At last night’s Lions Club meeting we discussed planning for next summer’s Kuna Days celebration. It will be the 50th annual, thus inspiring a lot of thought, excitement and conjuring up ways to make it the best ever. Unfortunately, providing “security” and, moreso, “ORDER” is the purview of the police chief… who does not want the extremely popular street dance to be part of it.

This is one more example of the value in having a neighborhood posse. In this case, the neighborhood is all of Kuna, but it merely illustrates the issue. Security and order are part and […]

pick yourself up

One view says we lost the November 6th election. Some may figure it’s time to head for the hills, find a cave and live out their days in it. Others will simply plod along living on hope that their number doesn’t come up… that they will be allowed to live and permitted occasional pleasantries.

The picture to the left shows what I think of those choices.

I am also reminded of a very useful little song I learned as a child: Pick Yourself Up here with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers and a contemporary version here: here […]

sheriff election results

I was unable to attract much money, media or active campaign team, yet thanks to my websites, facebook and personal appearances, I did pretty well in attracting votes in Idaho’s most populous county anyway.

I learned a lot about modern media, web-hosting, HTML and such that were good brain exercise and will probably be useful. I made a lot of friends and contacts who will be a nice part of my future. I certainly ramped up my name recognition, for whatever use that may have in the future.

My vote totals are comparable to typical Democratic campaign results in […]


Ted Dunlap for Sheriff

It is so much easier and safer

than the other way

to earn your freedom.

for more information

Statesman endorsement

The Idaho Statesman, owned by the 3rd largest periodical publisher in the world, unsurprisingly endorsed the incumbent sheriff. I have asked them to publish this response:

As one of two candidates for Ada County Sheriff, I met with the Idaho Statesman editorial board. Confident they would endorse the incumbent Republican, I had nothing to lose, so I determined that regardless of their questions I would introduce the topics and reasons I am running for sheriff.

They seemed surprised and unaware of the recent flood of executive orders and bills signed by the president that remove our rights to trials, […]

Ada sheriff candidate

The Kuna Melba News asked for 400 words describing who Ted Dunlap is and why he is running for Ada County Sheriff. This is my response:

Ted Dunlap, 63 years old, semi-retired, current business called “The Fixer” because my best talents are coming up with creative solutions to vexing problems utilizing my varied talents, experience and tools.

Experience: 30+ years private sector supervision & management. Hewlett-Packard, The Gentleman Farmer, Soil Food

Education: Sonoma State University, Business Management, Hewlett-Packard, supervision & management, 20+ years self-employed, manager, supervisor, owner-operator

The county sheriff is the top law enforcement officer elected […]

endorsement for sheriff Ted Dunlap

I met and spent some time with Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher at Canyon County sheriff candidate Ed Hendershot’s event in Caldwell. Jeff is a warm, caring, courageous and knowledgeable man anyone would be proud to know. I sure am. His endorsement of me and my sheriff campaign follows.

It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Ted Dunlap for your Ada County, Idaho Sheriff.

Why does a Delaware Sheriff concern himself with who is Sheriff in Idaho?, simply this, Whether you know it or not there is an attack upon the office of Sheriff here in […]

52 weeks to preparedness

I doubt you have 52 weeks, but the organization and information Tess Pennington has put together at Ready Nutrition approaches priceless … and is FREE.

I can quibble over a bit here or there, but those are quite insignificant. The important thing I want to stress is that you should definitely NOT COUNT ON having 52 weeks before our peaceful little worlds change dramatically. Perhaps it is time to rename her plan “52 days to preparedness”.

Hopefully you have already completed many important bits of the preparations she outlines. Don’t worry about doing them exactly as described, but at […]

Constitution Day speech

I was one of the invited speakers at today’s Constitution Day Event on the Idaho Capital building steps. There were many great speeches. Almost all of them were heartfelt and strongly backed by long-term actions of the speakers. Here are my notes. I deviated only slightly from them in my presentation.

Designed into our Constitution are many limits to an overwhelming STATE

In the Constitution, the states retain all but strictly limited, delegated tasks

10th Amendment center and State sovereignty champions are winning some skirmishes here and there

I ran for Idaho governor in 2006 and 2010 with the […]

ham radio class

As an integral part of our posse, and any disaster response preparation, radio is a consideration. Internet, wireless phones, land-lines, satellite, power grid and more are vulnerable in many situations.

Ham radio is older than almost any electronic communication and very well populated with people and equipment that are prepared for just about any telecommunications failure they can dream up … which, by the way, is well beyond anything you can dream up. It is also surprisingly versatile, even with entry-level equipment and beginner-level skills.

Having the expertise and tools of ham operators on your emergency response team […]

10 Commandments of marketing

I just ran across this essay and, for lack of a better place to keep it in front of ME for a while, I am posting it here. It relates to my campaign for sheriff, as it relates to something you are doing… I dunno what, but I’m sure you are marketing something. …

The 10 Commandments Of Marketing

Brand Strategy Commandments Of Marketing

The following commandments do not come from a mountaintop. They come from many years of experience in categories from caskets to computers and everything in between.

Thou shalt realize that perception is reality. The only […]

Mercedes alloy wheels


alloys from ’84 Mercedes 300D turbo

14″x7″ Mercedes factory aluminum alloy wheels. The entire set of four off ’84 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel for $175.

We sold the Mercedes a year ago. I finally got around to separating the wheels and snow tires. Now Mercedes owners can get a nice, straight set for whatever tires they want to put on them. We still haven’t used the snow tires yet, either. So they are still available.

We paid $125 for each. I suspect e-bay would be a good place to sell them, but don’t have any experience […]