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exercise equipment

problem: home gyms are either too cheap (flimsy construction) or to expensive (dear in dollars).

solution 1: I recognized a pile of rubble in front of a thrift store as my lusted-after high-quality universal machine. $47.50 included delivery! The Internet delivered assembly instructions and a source for a part that wasn’t worth trying to make. My shop created a few parts to complete the project. It was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but the result has been exactly what the doctor ordered.

solution 2: The other piece I used the most in my brief membership at a commercial gym was an air-resistant rowing machine. There in a pawn shop was the same style and quality in non-functioning condition. I bet $30 that I could make it work for me … and won. Opened up, the problem and solution were obvious and easily repaired. I’ve crossed several dry lakes in that one now.