you are

You are not the shoulders you stood upon to gain a better view.

You are not simply a product of those who laced their fingers together to give you a boost up.

You are not the certificate someone printed upon completion of their course.

While you cannot separate who you are from those parts of your history,

you are so much more.

You are all of those things,

everything you did with those pieces,

all you are capable of doing,

and all you will do.

Do not allow a limited portrayal to prescribe routes you must travel.

Do […]

what do you do when you fall down?

A great 6-minute video for those times when you are struggling to find the energy to get up, go on or deal with some hardship.

what to do when you fall down

turn on the light

I lived my first 50 years in Sonoma County, California – according to famous botanist Luther Burbank, “The finest place on earth as far as nature is concerned”. As I gained enlightenment, I fit less and less culturally, until I did not fit at all.

Hedonistic socialism is the opposite of dignity and self-respect. My answer was to move to a place where more people understood personal responsibility and liberty. While still surrounded by statists, there are enough of us to form a critical mass.

How many layabouts does it take to conquer the world?