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what a bubble looks like

The graph below is a great picture of a bubble that should have burst a long time ago… but it keeps holding together and making the eventual crash much, much worse.

King World News published it in a very good article: DANGER: The Global Collapse Is Now Accelerating To appreciate the chart, first understand the red bars. Other than the little blips of green, this is showing investors OWING money on stocks they have “purchased”. The stock prices and all indices of them are inflated by credit, debt.

Once upon a time, people INVESTED money in stock. Storing […]


I have several active websites. You have found one or more of them. If you appreciate the value they provide, consider lending your support.

Owning, operating and publishing costs money – out of my pocket money. I do it for much the same reasons that chickens lay eggs: I simply am compelled to (communicate).

This stuff is inside me. I need to express it. Primarily, I feel it my calling to offer counterpoint to the inane, anti-logic and counter-common-sense that fills the mainstream media today.

You and your enterprise can be known for supporting these websites by […]

silver-tongued devil

I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. Physical silver has been almost as available as primers, powder and ammunition – that is to say having a high content of “Unobtanium”.

Today I received an e-mail containing a link to an offer I never expected to see again. Silver Eagles that have been far more rare than regular wait-12-weeks for delivery non-Eagle 1-ounce silver rounds for $26.24.

The most startling part were the words underneath: Ships within 2 – 4 business days have a 20 ounce minimum order much like my old friends at Northwest Territorial Mint with […]

news reports

I do not watch television. I get my news primarily from reading selected news online. I also watch some online videos and listen to audio online. Granted, everything online is not accurate, but more of it is than what the mainstream media monopoly puts out.

Here are two that I recommend. They are somewhat urgent and certainly should inspire further research on your part.

Please trust me enough to listen to the first and watch the second. Make your own mind up after that. This is very much along the lines I’ve been writing for 6 years over […]

on the tenth day of Christmas

Missy started a new job, got a new office all her own and had a big, blank wall that was begging for a bulletin board.

Oh, not just any bulletin board, she had to have a steel one that would enable her to attach and move stuff around via magnet holders.

And Oh not just a small one, it had to be 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall.

And, not just galvanized or plain steel, it had to be copper colored.

The result most definitely pleases us both. Her design specifications enabled me to build […]

bad bosses

Inc magazine (online) just published an article quantifying the costs of bad bosses and the horrifying number of them out there. Three out of four employees report that their boss is the worst part of their job. 65% say they would take a new boss over a pay raise. It takes an average of 22 months to recover from a bad boss. 30% slow down due to a bad boss. There is much more in the concentrated article. I recommend you go see The Real Productivity-Killer: Jerks(and it is worth waiting through their brief advertisement). It is totally consistent […]

10 Commandments of marketing

I just ran across this essay and, for lack of a better place to keep it in front of ME for a while, I am posting it here. It relates to my campaign for sheriff, as it relates to something you are doing… I dunno what, but I’m sure you are marketing something. …

The 10 Commandments Of Marketing

Brand Strategy Commandments Of Marketing

The following commandments do not come from a mountaintop. They come from many years of experience in categories from caskets to computers and everything in between.

Thou shalt realize that perception is reality. The only […]

free gift wrap

Both the do-er and the do-ee can enjoy a gift of one done Honey-do. I will create a personalized gift certificate specific to your situation and thrill you both with a memorable and practical gift.

I am the practical, pragmatic creator of solutions for home, office or garage organization. In fact you will be surprised at the depth and breadth of my experience. I may be the cure for whatever has been bugging you for the last loooong time.