stove-top coffee roasting

Last July I put up a detailed post describing my home coffee roasting process. I am still roasting the same way and won’t repeat that post here. Go there if you want to know step-by-step how to purchase green coffee beans and turn them into wonderful, fresh coffee to suit your own tastes.

coffee roasting at home

What I am adding with this post is a link to my Vimeo channel where I published a short video clip of the process.

Ted roasting coffee beans on gas burner

Vimeo is kind-of a liberated YouTube; minus the agenda, censors […]

coffee roasting

My joy of coffee evolved a long ways over the years. Appreciation for quality drove me to more and more select roasters, fresher and fresher suppliers, then finally to the fanatics of select green coffee beans at Sweet Maria’s.

…We are more than just another online store, we are a virtual coffee university. Simply put, we really like what we do…

If you decide you are ready to graduate from high-end roasted coffee, I doubt you can do much better than to buy fresh green beans from their round-the-world selection. The variety is nearly overwhelming. Simply start […]

coffee roasting, brewing

I really enjoy GOOD coffee, down wimpy stuff just enough to be polite and pour out the crankcase-oil version after the first sip (trying to do it discretely, mind you). Truly good coffee is hard to come by. I have evolved through many processes to my current setup that is pretty reliable and sustainable.

I buy 20-pound bags of very select green beans from Sweet Maria’s in Oakland, California. I roast a pint of them every week over a medium heat on my camp stove using a pot dedicated to that task and a wooden spatula for 20 minutes […]

8 Day FAST – lessons, experience

It is over. I made a gourmet stew that waited in the crock pot for my wife to get home from her vacation at an unknown afternoon-evening time. It was excellent. Turns out I really like food. 😉

It was not easy. I do not recommend what I did, known as an extended water-only fast. Most of the important results can be had with more convenient, accessible options that I outline below and in the video to the right.

I know of no other person who has deliberately denied themselves food beyond one day. It is, however, a healing […]

FASTING – yeah, as in not eating for a while

For most of my life I measured everything against what I termed “The Cave Man Theory”. I figured my body was designed for an aboriginal life. When someone would propose a breakthrough in how to treat our bodies I would always compare it to what my body was designed to do; how I was naturally supposed to live.

This kept me from adopting a whole bunch of fads that came and went. Occasional fasting fit okay into my Cave Man Theory, but I have not been interested in quitting food. Certainly people who did not have refrigerators […]

travel kits

How many examples have you heard or read about where people slid off the road in the winter and had so survive (or not) days before being rescued? … or walking out to rescue? How many of these tales before you actually prepare to land on the side of “survived” rather than “perished”?

I finally had enough. Today I began reviewing what I had set up and was using, or not using. Completely inadequate was the early conclusion. I had lots of pieces kinda-sorta geared up, but I wasn’t even using the bits I had. My get home bag […]

my first Instructable

I have seen a few that captured my interest, but what really caught my eye was their contest for first-time Instructable authors.

They didn’t mind at all that I had published most of it here in one way or another and at my own instructable website The Fixer .biz.

So I re-crafted my coffee making posts into one targeted to their audience.

I do think that exercise improved the product.

FOR SALE – tidy cabin on The Bitterroot

Conner Cabin from the bridge

We spent over four years making this perfect for the two of us, but it is a bit snug with my Mom here too. We are moving to more appropriate housing and leaving our lovely riverside home behind.

Major remodeling along with addition of the adjacent lot to our lease transformed this river-front home into a real find.

I published many posts including pictures taken in our yard under the heading “Post Card From Conner“. That is what living here is like.

looking upstream from the front lawn

Four seasons […]


We shrunk my plates, shrunk my portions, mostly eliminated lovely bread and beer from my diet, and so on. Yet old man metabolism methodically added, one gram at a time, more body fat than I could comfortably fit into my wardrobe.

Even if I wasn’t too frugal to replace closet and drawers full of over-snug shirts and pants, I very definitely did not want to see a naked Santa Claus facing me in the mirror.

If I didn’t draw the line at making me fit my clothes rather than my clothes fit a bigger, softer me, where […]

loyal mug

I have a favorite coffee mug.

A couple of days ago, I realized it has been my favorite for a long, long time… that is, in coffee mug years.

My daughters invited me to a paint-your-own green clay studio back in February ’99. How do I remember when they did that? It says so on the cup I painted.

The shape of the lip, and grace of the cup is crucial.

The memories matter.

The theme and art cap it off.

Can you imagine being loyal to a coffee mug for 18 years?

Heck, in our disposable society, […]

un cramped

I have had muscle cramps a lot lately. The standard natural health answer is to add magnesium, perhaps some calcium too. “Bananas” is a popular prescription.

But I have been taking magnesium and calcium supplements with my late breakfast and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with my dinner. Why isn’t this working?

But fail it does. Friday I was fed up with that failure and took a moment to look at the fine print.

Aww Shucks! Operating under the assumption that they always tend to overdose on their percentages was not particularly wise.

My Kirkland Mature Multi […]

up your comms

I have spent the last half-dozen years improving my ability to support community communications.

Well, more accurately, I spent a tiny fraction of my time and brain power learning 2-way radio … As I do with nearly everything else in my life: Jack of all trades; master of none.

This morning I was guided to an excellent overview article with links covering what SOMEONE in every community needs to know before we can consider comms covered.

Crumb! I have a long ways to go, yet I want it all NOW.

That leaves me three choices: 1) Get […]