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The Fixer website likely to disappear

My web hosting firm informs me that my space requirements are approaching the point of requiring an upgrade … an expensive upgrade that I will not afford.

My current plan is to drop The Fixer .biz, remove its files from my hosting plan and see if that is enough space reduction to stay within my current limit … which costs me almost $1,000 per year.

That plan leaves my other websites still active and available, and I intend to continue maintaining ownership of the domains (the website names).

The internationally registered domain will continue to be mine, but the articles, posts and photos will no longer be available on the World Wide Web.

These websites of mine will remain on the Internet … at least for a while:

Bitterroot Bugle .com

Idaho Liberty .com

Ted Dunlap .net



This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner freely sharing tools, tricks, ideas, and dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack.

You can show your appreciation, gratitude and support via credit card, Paypal or, if you can figure out how, send a tip my way in meat space.

Thank you, Ted Dunlap