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taking a time out

I am cutting back on my webpost side to regain more of my other Renaissance Man aspects.

I am master of four websites. I am still wrestling with cutting back on the out-of-pocket financial costs without resolution, but certainly can pare down the time I have been donating to this slice of my life without a solution to the expense question.

Woodwork, metalwork, strengthening my 2-way comms, building physical things, making music, reading, two-wheel-riding, wrenching, drawing, artistic painting and more have been calling to me – and I have answered their calls less than I want.

Most of the posting, writing, research and creating I do in the future will be at Bitterroot Bugle .com This site will drop down my priority list for a while. If you have not yet been there, you might want to check that one out.

The Fixer .biz began as a marketing aspect of my handyman business. It became a repository for many of my physical creations.

I shared tools, tricks and ideas here that others may find value, as well as just to point to things I accomplished for friends and family.

After introspective time off, I have no idea where this might go.

I won’t promise a complete absence of new posts, nor will I commit to the opposite.



This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner freely sharing tools, tricks, ideas, and dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack.

You can show your appreciation, gratitude and support via credit card, Paypal or, if you can figure out how, send a tip my way in meat space.

Thank you, Ted Dunlap