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welding lighting

I graduated from heavy-metal farmer-grade stick welding to light metal shielded wire feed welding with mixed success.

I recently figured out the pattern.

When the sun through my shop windows was lighting the work, I could see the two metal pieces through my dark helmet screen. When I could see what I was doing my welds were fine.

As soon as that light came on, I ordered some modern LED task lighting.

Looking for a way to put it in the right position led me to a tripod I bought three years ago without any purpose in mind. It was too good of a deal to pass up.

Throw in some PVC pipe I had lying around and I now have the capability to see what I am doing through a darkened welding hood.

In the recent gate fabrication project my welds are still a bit on the intermittently good side, but I think I have to take a bit more time to make sure my lighting is strongly focused where it needs to be.