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sneezing etiquette

Though nearly a decade old, this video on minimizing the spread of diseases should be shared again.

The easiest reflex is to put your hand up to keep from blasting everyone nearby. But it is wrong.

Mythbusters took on the sleeve VS hand and hankie in the lower video.

While the upper one uses logic and expects you to trust them, as is their mission, Mythbusters finds a way to test the theory.

un cramped

I have had muscle cramps a lot lately. The standard natural health answer is to add magnesium, perhaps some calcium too. “Bananas” is a popular prescription.

But I have been taking magnesium and calcium supplements with my late breakfast and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with my dinner. Why isn’t this working?

But fail it does. Friday I was fed up with that failure and took a moment to look at the fine print.

Aww Shucks! Operating under the assumption that they always tend to overdose on their percentages was not particularly wise.

My Kirkland Mature Multi […]

Darby ham radio classes

Earn Your FCC Amateur Radio License

HAM radios can communicate across the yard and around the world. They reach places, and in times when no other form of communication available to us can.

Yes, there is a test. Everyone in my study groups has passed those tests.

Amateur radio license categories are Technician, General, and Amateur Extra, with the knowledge and testing requirements going up as the licensed uses expand. This course will focus on achieving passing grades on the Technician exam, with appropriate understanding of the knowledge expected of Tech-licensed radio operators.

Our textbook will […]