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making music for your health

You know you like it.

You run your electronic music-producing electronics A LOT.

Those of you who play a musical instrument, or sing feel good while you are doing it, as well as afterwards.

Numerous studies show increased health, learning ability, brain capacity and more in those who make music – in any way… that includes the didgeredoo, the love of one co-author in the article below.

The two of them studied and quantified the effects. Add this as one more research article supporting musicianship as a positive for humans.

Click the links to the article for the whole […]

farewell facebook

Maybe I should call it “fakebook”. Nah. Fakebooks are books full of standard charts that musicians use to “fake it” when they don’t have a song down pat. I have several of them… jazz, latin, dixieland…

Meanwhile, back on facebook…

The Internet, primarily facebook destroyed the drop-dead-certain coronation of Clinton II. The ruling elite and its mainstream media monopoly were so convinced they had it perfectly rigged that Newsweek even printed and distributed a “Hillary Wins!” issue. Boy would I love to have one of those, but they recalled ’em all.

However, The Bilderberg Group isn’t inclined to […]