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box fan box

We have been living with a really ugly shroud for our box fan.

It started life as a temporary housing for my box fan to vent the smoke from my home coffee roasting out the shop window. I hinged it to the ceiling, then swung it out of the way for the 99% of the time it was not in use.

In that application, being ugly just did not inspire change.

It made its way here from that house, serving the same need in a similar fashion at my studio window.

Forest fire smoke motivated me to drag out […]

Bitterroot community preparedness meeting

The next meeting is Sunday afternoon, October 25th at 4:00pm.

Fliers for the meetings and for The Stone Soup Kitchen project are linked at the bottom of this page. PLEASE print them out and share them with at least one family you know.

We have agreed on an organizational model. It is the same model used by our neighboring group in Hamilton. We want to have breakout meetings either in the second half of this upcoming meeting and/or as subcommittee meetings between the twice-per-month main group meetings. We will present topics and results at the main meetings based on […]

handgun correction chart

A coaching tool I like to use is this handgun correction chart.

That is definitely not to say that the sights do not need to be adjusted. That can happen, but usually if your shot groups are small and in one area is when you want to adjust the sights to move that small group to the center.

If your shot groups are wide, try to play back each shot in your head thinking about the possibility you may have pushed, pulled or jerked a tad more than you should have.

Use this chart to analyze each shot […]

firewood factory

My tool set for processing firewood.

Missing from the photo are my chainsaw and its manual counterpart, the crosscut saw.

I’ll have to update the photo later.

From right to left … (isn’t that how we all process?)

hatchet (old friend) probably a pound and a quarter head, for kindling splintering and light-duty splitting.

hand splitting maul, 3 1/2 pound head, for light-to-medium splitting taking standard split wood to small stove size.

small axe for light-to-medium trimming, limbing and splitting.

axe, another old friend, to trim, limb, cut, chop and split.

double-bit axe, a good, old one, new to […]

Stone Soup Kitchen Project

Here is a flier I am taking to various churches, restaurants and other places with community-grade kitchen facilities.

Click on the image for a better view of it.

In case of disaster, The Bitterroot may be on its own for an extended time. Red Cross, FEMA and others will have their hands full in populated areas. It is up to us to prepare ourselves and our community.

Therefore, we need a way to feed ourselves as well as those who are unable to. There is no other way to get along with them … and cooperation is necessary […]