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storm door

We have been dragging this “brand new” storm door around and storing it ever since I didn’t get around to installing it in our Grangeville home… That’s three moves and seven years ago.

I tried selling it a couple of times, but there is no market for unused storm doors … at least not one that I found.

Our old new door found a real home this week. One we both like a lot. It ought to keep the storms out of our sally port.

My experience framing and hanging doors is limited, to say the least. Nevertheless, it […]

16 Important Rules of Survival and Preparedness

Having a survival mindset means you are always ready to take on new challenges, right? Although I fully believe that new challenges are a good thing, it is sometimes downright frustrating to recognize that prep as we do, we are never really ready.

Part of the disconnect from being totally prepared is having the knowledge that we will never be able to prepare for everything. As recently as four years ago, we were preparing for the end of the world as we know it and a global economic collapse. And now? The flavor of the month is a pandemic, […]

adjectives, adverbs and other parts

In many circles, you could be forgiven for thinking the English language is very small with a certain four-letter f- word having deposed thousands of newly obsolete. There it is hugely versatile, replacing verbs, nouns, pronouns, and often being a complete declaratory sentence all by itself.

Adding ‘n at the end turns it into adjectives and adverbs. Traditional dictionaries and thesauruses are outmoded. So many words with no practical value whatsoever. Costs and environmental impacts of printing modern dictionaries would be approximately equal to that of printing comic books.

The trivial downside is its complete lack of meaning […]