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do-it-yourself root canal

If you think my experience with natural healing a flu I was likely to survive anyway was impressive, I waited quite a while to even post this next one. I’m still struggling to believe it myself. Don’t let the heading fool you, that’s just my copy editor being his perverse self.

I have a little expertise with root canals, having had 4 done in my mouth; one a re-do of another that wasn’t quite right. Those were all tooth infections gone big, bad and ugly.

I had another almost kill me. The incompetent monopolist MD in Grangeville kept ramping […]

flu – rolling with the punches

Saturday night I felt a bit off. Sunday I was definitely not well, but helped Jeff install the new Conner VHF repeater on the knoll above our house anyway. Monday removed all doubt. . I . was . sick.

Missy recalls a candid MD telling her she could do nothing and get well in about fourteen days. Or he could prescribe some stuff for her to take and she would recover in about two weeks. I have heard and experienced similar. It’s a virus. They don’t have reputable tools for viruses.

I added Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health and […]

Building a Sawbuck

Work Smarter in the Woodpile Posted on November 6, 2013 by Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker

Work smarter, not harder.

My daddy’s words echo in my head every time I’m half bent over a project. They rang true recently when a red oak branch fell and crushed my backyard fence.

I cranked ‘Big Orange’ (my chainsaw) and sliced through the limb like a hot butter knife through butter. The thought re-emerged in my cluttered mind, thanks to the fence supporting the limb at waist height, that I needed to build something to hold all the long firewood about […]

chimney stabalizer

Our new woodstove was not drawing well enough. It was hard to start and the flow inadequate to keep the chimney clean. I had to extend it.

That created its own problem as the chimney was now just a stiff wind from being blown down. The ideal stabilizer setup was not available, so I had to improvise.

Setting the two struts at 90-degrees from each other would be perfect. But punching holes in roofs always adds risk and maintenance issues. So I really wanted side-mounting to the dormer to work, but the spread between the widest mounting points is […]

the real threat Ebola presents

I am more troubled by Ebola than anything else mainstream media is shoving in faces of the masses. I fear THEY are really onto something this time. It takes very little imagination to see a rather short, sharp timeline between now and nation-wide martial law.

The rather obvious progression marshals all of those recently overly-armed government agents into checkpoints surrounding every populated area in the USofA. Movement of non-governmental people and commerce STOPS.

How long before the hungry, the fearful and the sick line up at government “Aid Centers”?

Not only will resistors be few, the terrified […]