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reloading room

electronic scale working 8xI’m still working on the real reloading bench, shelves and such, but an upcoming match is arriving faster than my woodworking is finishing.  My temporary setup was a pleasure to use – the view out the window is fantastic… but I am, of course, intensely focused on my work. 😉

Since I was working on the short-range (200-300-yard) ammo when I finally got the electronic scale set up, I was slightly less sensitive to the last flake of accuracy. I tested a dozen or two first Conner reloads 8xpowder charges from the Lyman on my balance beam, then decided to set it for the exact 24.1 grains I wanted, then fired for effect.

Used as designed, that is a great tool and really cranks out the loads. I was at least twice as fast as I had been with my old methods. And I’m confident the accuracy of the ammunition thus produced will far exceed that of the rifleman sending those bullets downrange.