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ice storm

This story just unfolded in the recent winter storm. One look at this antenna tower explains why there were no phones for four days. A relatively few people are prepared for that, no matter what the cause.

This is the point of emergency radio – and why many of us are getting our ham licenses, buying radio gear and learning to use it. The story below is simply one example. – Ted We had the ice storm !!!

The cell towers around me were out of service. I do not have a landline phone so I was […]

man cures his own cancer

Man with Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy & Cures Himself with Vegan Diet Submitted by Alice Vaughn on October 18, 2013 – 8:55 pmNo Comment





Chris Wark shares his short and powerful story of how he refused chemotherapy and survived stage 3 colon cancer. Chris was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2003, at only 26 years of age.

Against his doctor’s advice, he refused chemotherapy as a treatment and went on to clear any remaining cancer from his body by strengthening his immune system with raw plant foods and natural therapies. […]

ear infections

Natural Ear Infection Alternatives to Antibiotics Proven Safer and More Effective Written By:

Eleni Roumeliotou

Acute otitis media (ear infection) is very common in children and usually accompanied by ear pain, fever and irritability. Although it is believed that 80% of the otitis cases resolve spontaneously without any treatment, the standard medical approach relies on the prescription of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

An independent review by the Cochrane Collaboration reports that antibiotic treatment for acute otitis is prescribed in 98% of cases in USA and Australia but only 38% in Netherlands. According to the latest guidelines of […]

special gift

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lettuce lessons

With the recent cold snap, my Bitterroot winter garden experiment quickly entered Phase III.

On October 14th, we filled planter boxes that were here before us with soil and seed. Then added water and wait.

The plant seeds came from Territorial Seed, who has significant expertise in year-round gardening. They recommended some pak choi and three varieties of winter-hearty lettuce. I was not overly optimistic, as almost nobody around here tries outdoor winter gardening. However, I am not one for giving up before I start, so off we go.

Well, old man winter approacheth and these tough guys […]


I can’t say I like the implications, but they bear no news for me even if my worst suspicions are correct.

The folks who host my websites and e-mail collect statistics on usage. I check them at least once a month and track them to help me keep things in perspective. For example, my four websites had a total of 8,679 visits in November with 30,432 pages downloaded from them (minus the anomalies below).

Of those visits, a lot of them are 30 seconds or less, most likely search engines taking snapshots of my sites so they can […]

salad warmers

My Montana winter salad experiment

continues its evolution…

As I explained November 10th in my article winter salad, I put some bok choi and three types of lettuce seeds into four planter boxes to see what might come of it. Being able to have fresh greens through the winter would be nice.

Missy has begun her winter sprouts operation. That’s a much more reliable way of reaching the primary objective.

When the temperatures hit the low teens they cried out for help. “That thin plastic bedsheet is not enough”, they wailed.

I ran a […]