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winter salad

salad-garden-1-4xI mixed a couple of types of bagged mulch/compost with some native ditch silt to make a somewhat balanced potting soil. Then put some winter salad seeds in. They got germinated and up before the frost.
But it is getting colder here and snow will soon be sticking to the ground. I figured it was time to give the little guys some survival help … so I could EAT THEM!.

It certainly isn’t fancy. We have to pick up the front corner and swing the whole frame out of the way for watering and harvest. But it did use existing materials and went together without major investments of time.

This whole winter growing outdoors in the SW corner of Montana is experimental to begin with. I can’t take it too darn seriously. A few dollars of salad isn’t much, but fresh greens are a treat mid-winter.