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Linux users meet in Darby

Linux sharing group meets in Darby Library Friday, August 2nd from 10:00-noon Friday, August 9th from 10:00-noon Friday, August 16th from 10:00-noon Friday, August 23rd from 10:00-noon Friday, August 30th from 10:00-noon

If nothing else, we can use the Darby Library’s great community room, hard-wired and wired high-speed Internet, savor the air conditioning. I expect, however, that those of us with an interest in learning or increasing our knowledge of Linux operating systems will share knowledge, tips, tricks and discoveries among the features and thousands of free programs that cover the gamut of tools the big, expensive operating systems […]

Become the Leadership Cadre

This came my way in an e-mail. I have no idea who J.M. is or where else this is published, but thought it was worth sharing. I changed a word and inserted paragraph breaks for readability. It is long and targeted to a specific audience. Read and review when you have a chance. – Ted

Think Globally, Act Locally: Become the Leadership Cadre

Focus on the 25M Target First There is a consistent interest in the Patriot movement to focus on the bigger picture, on a national level. This ranges from insisting on the misdeeds of the current administration, […]

SOF Imperatives for Preparedness

This came my way in an e-mail. I have no idea who J.M. is, but thought this was worth sharing. I changed a word and inserted paragraph breaks for readability – Ted

The SOF Imperatives for Preparedness (I was working on the revisions for “The Book” today, and as I re-read and made notes to this section, I realized it would make a pretty good, relevant article topic in itself. I spent half an hour or so editing it into article format, rather than the rough-draft book excerpt it was, and here ya go…–J.M.)

U.S. military doctrine recognizes 12 […]


Missy and I are investigating satellite Internet from 25 miles up as our Verizon from a tower 4.5 miles away is intermittently acceptable – the rest of the time NOT. So I asked Craigslist to tell me the real-world cost of a (data) router as the ability to use wireless anywhere in the house won’t be included in the new satellite package.

Ryobi router with table and bits $75. While I was supposed to say, “Not THAT kind of router.” What I said instead was “I guess we need to make a trip to Missoula today.” Heckuva deal a […]

fire hazard alert

From my mother, I have a sense of smell that is particularly well-suited as a smoke or pre-smoke detector. It alerted me to something amiss in the kitchen. I tracked it to my wife’s plastic tool box and the battery-operated soldering iron within.

The tools and hardware in her well-stuffed box had shifted into a position that depressed the trigger on the soldering iron. The tip was hot enough to melt solder and was busily trying to melt or ignite some plastic that it was touching or nearly touching.

I put the little devil on the counter to […]