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prevent home invasion

While nothing short of being homeless will completely turn the trick, some commonsense steps can reduce the likelihood your home will be invaded by common thieves.

1. Be a good neighbor I don’t think there is any factor more important than this one. It is significant for robberies, burglaries, and crucial in natural and man-made disasters. Know your neighbors. Accept them for who they are. Like their likeable parts. Learn their names and have some time to just listen to them.

I’d say start a neighborhood watch or posse, but having more than a little experience here, […]

layabouts and leaches

Unfortunately there are idlers and parasites who deface good things created by and for good people. Every time constructive people come up with a way to prevent one abuse, the idlers find another. The Internet is a good example with lazy slobs messing up or riding on the back of creative folks who produce and share constructive or artistic websites.

Some grant grudging respect to the hackers. An infinitesimal few earn that. Most use ideas and hacks created by the few and shared widely among fellow idlers. Their lives are being pissed-away breaking into locked rooms and anonymously shouting […]