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I continue my education on website publishing.

I now operate a calendar at Ada Liberty .com. That site is evolving to be a local information resource for several activist organizations. It was begging for a coherent display of upcoming events. I looked at and tested a few samples before settling on the one I installed. With just a little more money I could get the premium version with more bells, whistles and a much easier time inputting new events. Not now.

Ada Liberty .com Calendar of Events

I could have back-filled the month so it would come out of the box looking more comprehensive, but it has taken more than enough time just to start from today.

I am also refining my use of the three-column magazine format.

At Idaho Liberty .com, Ted Dunlap .net and Kuna Idaho .net, I currently am continuing to use two narrow side-bars on the outside with a single stack of new posts down the middle.

At Ada Liberty .com I have changed to a format where the middle column is only single stack for the most recent post while the older ones are double-stacked side-by-side. I think I’m liking it and will convert all my sites to that format soon.

I am also pleased with the way I am improving my use of those side-bars. I have more hot-link buttons, videos that can be watched without being sent to another site and am slowly cleaning up the arrangement and organization for a cleaner look. My use of the HTML language grows as well. Lots of little touches slip in as I continue to reference my HTML handbook to gain increasing control over the look of all I put out here.

With six websites and my desire to keep fresh content coming to each as well as all the other things I really should be doing, it does take me a while to get all of this done.

Speaking of which, I will be working up a marketing plan for Kuna Idaho .net and Ada Liberty .com. I do want those youngsters to be adopted by worthy parents who will continue their growth … and perhaps focus more, doing better with them.

If you were counting, you may have noticed I said “six” websites while you only count five… coming soon … Watch here for the grand opening.