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This is one of my five websites. Over the last few months I defined their missions, refined their appearances, and have given more attention to their content. Couple that with socio-political changes that are right in the faces of my target market, and what we have is impressive growth in all five.

This is inspiring me to continue refining and making a conscious effort to regularly add fresh content. It also has me thinking that all this traffic should be a good advertising value to somebody, and THAT should, at the very least, cover my upcoming web hosting bill.

I put together a marketing plan that quite favorably compares to other online traffic-based ads and offline beats the heck out of the local newspapers. Now it is up to you.

Do you know someone who should be advertising here?

Are you someone who should be advertising here?

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The number of Pages viewed in January 2013:

Idaho Liberty 15,323
Ted Dunlap 8,410
Kuna Idaho 8,021
Ada Liberty 7,660
The Fixer 6,854
all 5 websites 46,268

In the last 6 months, the number of visits for all five has grown by 327% or 4.3 times what it was in August. Thus far, February appears to be continuing the growth trend.

The Fixer .biz
Reported period Month Jan 2013 – Viewed traffic *
495 Unique visitors
3,475 visits
6,854 Pages
12,373 Hits

* Not viewed traffic includes traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes. (In other words, they report real people only)