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rifle energy

There are probably several out there, but these two tables jump to the top of the search engines. They help sort through conjecture with real numbers on cartridge type-bullet weight-velocity-energy. I post below portions of old faithful Chuck Hawks’ rifle ballistics table. The far-right number, energy at 200 yards, is particularly useful for rifle cartridge comparison sake.

Another table at Gunners Den has more details, but no 200-yard figures.

Different rifles, barrel-lengths, cartridge loadings can move these numbers around A LOT, but the fundamentals of SAMMI chamber pressure limits and bullet diameters remain.

I have not yet spent […]

what do you do when you fall down?

A great 6-minute video for those times when you are struggling to find the energy to get up, go on or deal with some hardship.

what to do when you fall down

guitar hanger

Christmas found me the happy new owner of a used bass guitar. I finally fit it neatly into my studio space with a wall hanger. It is just around the corner from the south window, next to the practice amp and very easy to grab’n’play anytime the mood strikes.

The hanger is a steel plate, two rods welded in at slight upward and outward angles, covered with some rubber tubing to be gentle on my guitar.

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I have developed a competitive advertising program that I think is a good value for businesses that are supportive and compatible with this site’s audience. They can click on the your ad here button for more information.

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I just discovered that the buttons had not been working and repaired them. If you have tried in the past […]

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This is one of my five websites. Over the last few months I defined their missions, refined their appearances, and have given more attention to their content. Couple that with socio-political changes that are right in the faces of my target market, and what we have is impressive growth in all five.

This is inspiring me to continue refining and making a conscious effort to regularly add fresh content. It also has me thinking that all this traffic should be a good advertising value to somebody, and THAT should, at the very least, cover my upcoming web hosting bill.


future project

* DING *

I saw this AGAIN, but this time it rang a little bell and turned a light bulb on in my head. You have to wait for it, but this won’t be the first time you see this idea here at this website.