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on the ninth day of Christmas

I created a website for Missy. With my own peculiar sense of humor, I called it: Missy’s Mashed Potatoes. It is just a weird name to get it started. I made it goofy enough she will be inspired to change it to something that really suits her. I figured if I came up with something more likeable she would likely leave it rather than create one with her own personality and signature.

I owned the domain simply to protect my domain from polluting my good name. If someone were to accidentally go to the .net version, because I owned and controlled it, they would automatically be sent to the .com place.

Missy has been wanting a place to put photos and notes for sharing with friends and family. She has looked at numerous options without finding one that suited here desires. I re-engineered my virtually unused domain into a website to somewhat serve that purpose. It isn’t exactly what she wanted, but it is as close as any choice she has seen so far.