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on the eighth day of Christmas

In Grandpa’s Attic, Kuna’s tiny second hand store, I looked for materials for one of my current projects. They weren’t there. However, the upward-shining floor lamp for our too-dark living room was. I haven’t seen anything that would work for under $100. Of course, I haven’t looked real hard either.

How much for the lamp?

Make me an offer.

…. thinking ….

I was thinking about five dollars.

Wow. That would be wonderful. I’ll take it.

It is a three-way with only one way of the element working. I replaced it with a 100-watt-equivalent curlique (cuz I had it in inventory).

* SHAZAM * There is real light in the living room now… and pretty-much perfect at Missy’s reading chair.

Still on the want list is a lampshade for my reading area that lets a little more filtered light through and a whole lot of light upward to reflect back down off the ceiling.