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on the second day of Christmas

It has spent years on my “Want List” without rising high enough in priority to happen. Bass guitar would be a great compliment to my trombone playing utilizing other muscles when my embouchure is exhausted.

Significantly, the bass establishes the chords in every beat of every measure. Knowing this pattern and information is important to anyone trying to solo on the tunes, such as a lead trombone player. Thus, learning the bass will make me a better trombone player.

Another feature of the bass, is that unlike the trombone, bass players are in extremely high demand. Check any musicians wanted listing and you will find the bass is absolutely the most in-demand, the in-shortest-supply musician. There are, on the other hand, NO, that’s zero, none, requests for a trombone. Besides all that, the bass is a great sounding instrument and looks to be fun to play.

I’ve been dreaming and scheming, but never making it fit my budget. The other day, Missy point-blank asked me if I would prefer an e-book reader or a bass guitar. I’ve also been considering the e-book, by the way. But having a little technology-free time with hardbound books out of the thrift stores for two bucks apiece is good in many ways. With a choice between these, the guitar won hands down.

By happy coincidence, there was a good deal in Craigslist on the model I had set my heart on. So on the Second Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a near-new Ibanez electric bass guitar.