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on the first day of Christmas

Friday I created a clever, neat way for Missy to display cards, letters, photos and such.

We have been in this house for two years now. She has been using some cheap stick-on clips to display memorabilia on the pillars between our living room and dining room. I’ve not loved the system as it seemed a bit chintzy, but was easily tolerated as it did make a nice display of family and friends.

Then she mentioned that she would have to clean off the sticky stuff left behind. That got me thinking of alternative display methods. The final piece in the puzzle came when she ordered a copper-colored magnetic board for work. (coming soon)


Steel straps, primed and painted copper color would look real fine on our brown pillars. Photos, Christmas cards, letters, notes, post-cards and all sorts of things could come and go with the stick of a magnet… not to mention a major decorator magnet collection we have created over the years (mostly playing with Sculpy).

Thus began the 12 Days of Christmas, though I wasn’t to recognize the trend until Day 3.