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twelfth day of Christmas

Missy and two co-workers had no place to hang their winter coats. Neither of us like putting our coats and sweaters on the tiny little points a normal coat rack provides… plus, well they are boring.

Aha! Another opportunity to use my shop and my creativity. This was a big hit.

We even go it installed on Christmas Day… and I didn’t charge holidy pay 😉

The gently-rounded coat holders are: brushed nickle closet door knob painted antique trailer hitch ball antique chromed interior door knob powerline insulator (Missy is claiming for her coat) gold bedroom door […]

the eleventh day of Christmas

Technically, I doubled up on the tenth day, but, hey, I already wrote about that one, I hate to miss a day and, it’s my space. I can stretch things here if I feel like it.

Missy wanted a place on the Internet to share her photos and notes with friends and family. None of the ones she found quite did it the way she wanted. Worse, they all have to make money some way. The advertising, pop-ups, data-mining and the designs themselves all fell short of what she wanted.

I had a spare domain I keep just to […]

on the tenth day of Christmas

Missy started a new job, got a new office all her own and had a big, blank wall that was begging for a bulletin board.

Oh, not just any bulletin board, she had to have a steel one that would enable her to attach and move stuff around via magnet holders.

And Oh not just a small one, it had to be 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall.

And, not just galvanized or plain steel, it had to be copper colored.

The result most definitely pleases us both. Her design specifications enabled me to build […]

on the ninth day of Christmas

I created a website for Missy. With my own peculiar sense of humor, I called it: Missy’s Mashed Potatoes. It is just a weird name to get it started. I made it goofy enough she will be inspired to change it to something that really suits her. I figured if I came up with something more likeable she would likely leave it rather than create one with her own personality and signature.

I owned the domain simply to protect my domain from polluting my good name. If someone were to accidentally go to the .net version, because […]

ammo inventory spreadsheet

I created a spreadsheet that has one page of ammo reloading components and another page of loaded ammo with the reloading components added in.

I created it in Linux LibreOffice Calc, so the formatting of that file is the same as I use. I also saved it into Microsoft Excel, but I’m sure much is lost in the translation.

Feel free to make use of it. The data is not mine (does not resemble or reflect my inventory). You will have to modify to suit yourself. I doubt it will have much value to anyone who doesn’t have […]

on the eighth day of Christmas

In Grandpa’s Attic, Kuna’s tiny second hand store, I looked for materials for one of my current projects. They weren’t there. However, the upward-shining floor lamp for our too-dark living room was. I haven’t seen anything that would work for under $100. Of course, I haven’t looked real hard either.

How much for the lamp?

Make me an offer.

…. thinking ….

I was thinking about five dollars.

Wow. That would be wonderful. I’ll take it.

It is a three-way with only one way of the element working. I replaced it with a 100-watt-equivalent curlique (cuz I had it […]

on the seventh day of Christmas

I have been finding more time to commune with my workshop of late. Early this week I realized that with the cold winter wind howling over, under and around the eighteen foot wide “insulated” garage door, my little kerosene heater would never take the chill off the shop… and I had been wishing to afford ceiling insulation.

All further shop projects took a back seat to sealing up the door.

Scrap lumber, scrap metal, screws from inventory, unused tarps and a couple of days later, there is NO breeze coming in the shop and a modicum of additional insulation […]

on the fifth day of Christmas

I just have to love Craigslist… repurpose, recycle, re-use.

I needed an amp for my new bass guitar and someone who had one did not. For less than half the price of a new one, I got a near-new one.

Two bonuses were a stand which I may want someday and a 17′ monster cable that is of higher quality than I was going to afford. Altogether, one heck of a deal.

Now to figure out how to use it all.

handgun coaching

Last night I had one returning student and two new ones. I asked the one if he had been practicing his hand positioning. “A little. Not enough.” He keeps wanting to put his off thumb across the back of the gun instead of safely on top of the shooting thumb. I had to watch like a mother hen and constantly remind him throughout our first session.

“Don’t forget! I don’t want you hurt.”

I helped his wife get started. Even with a hammerless revolver, I insist on proper hand position. You are likely to use a semi-auto someday. […]

free book

Immortalizing an author by bringing his book back from almost disappearing, the publisher of website Simple Liberty has restored an out-of-print book:

. . . And Then There Were None

By Eric Frank Russell

Having some knowledge of the webmaster and a recommendation from another author and all around great person, I look forward to reading the book myself. It is available free as both a .pdf or as a web page. Take your pick.

on the third day of Christmas

I became aware of the pattern today. So I may be stretching just a bit, but, hey, it’s my blog. I can do that if I want.

The weather is threatening to cover the roads between here and where Missy works tomorrow morning with snow and/or ice. Studded snow tires make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in safety and MY piece of mind when she has to drive in heavy traffic … or at all, for that matter.

So I gave me a swap onto winter tires for the pickup SHE is driving to work. The centers are a bit worn […]

on the second day of Christmas

It has spent years on my “Want List” without rising high enough in priority to happen. Bass guitar would be a great compliment to my trombone playing utilizing other muscles when my embouchure is exhausted.

Significantly, the bass establishes the chords in every beat of every measure. Knowing this pattern and information is important to anyone trying to solo on the tunes, such as a lead trombone player. Thus, learning the bass will make me a better trombone player.

Another feature of the bass, is that unlike the trombone, bass players are in extremely high demand. Check […]