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neighborhood-posse-patchAt last night’s Lions Club meeting we discussed planning for next summer’s Kuna Days celebration. It will be the 50th annual, thus inspiring a lot of thought, excitement and conjuring up ways to make it the best ever. Unfortunately, providing “security” and, moreso, “ORDER” is the purview of the police chief… who does not want the extremely popular street dance to be part of it.

This is one more example of the value in having a neighborhood posse. In this case, the neighborhood is all of Kuna, but it merely illustrates the issue. Security and order are part and parcel of any civil society and culture. They are best provided by the responsible adults of that community.. all of them, NOT a selected few. This is NOT a specialty.

Friendly security can easily be organized by a popular, well-organized posse. We could schedule shifts of coverage, have a significant presence in key locations and great backup just a radio call away. Posse members would be moms, dads, friends and neighbors of everyone there.

I can’t think of a better, more efficient or cost-effective way to resolve the question of security or order than having the community do it itself.

The main trick will be building the posse membership.

Be part of the solution.