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52 weeks to preparedness

I doubt you have 52 weeks, but the organization and information Tess Pennington has put together at Ready Nutrition approaches priceless … and is FREE.

I can quibble over a bit here or there, but those are quite insignificant. The important thing I want to stress is that you should definitely NOT COUNT ON having 52 weeks before our peaceful little worlds change dramatically. Perhaps it is time to rename her plan “52 days to preparedness”.

Hopefully you have already completed many important bits of the preparations she outlines. Don’t worry about doing them exactly as described, but at […]

Constitution Day speech

I was one of the invited speakers at today’s Constitution Day Event on the Idaho Capital building steps. There were many great speeches. Almost all of them were heartfelt and strongly backed by long-term actions of the speakers. Here are my notes. I deviated only slightly from them in my presentation.

Designed into our Constitution are many limits to an overwhelming STATE

In the Constitution, the states retain all but strictly limited, delegated tasks

10th Amendment center and State sovereignty champions are winning some skirmishes here and there

I ran for Idaho governor in 2006 and 2010 with the […]

ham radio class

As an integral part of our posse, and any disaster response preparation, radio is a consideration. Internet, wireless phones, land-lines, satellite, power grid and more are vulnerable in many situations.

Ham radio is older than almost any electronic communication and very well populated with people and equipment that are prepared for just about any telecommunications failure they can dream up … which, by the way, is well beyond anything you can dream up. It is also surprisingly versatile, even with entry-level equipment and beginner-level skills.

Having the expertise and tools of ham operators on your emergency response team […]

10 Commandments of marketing

I just ran across this essay and, for lack of a better place to keep it in front of ME for a while, I am posting it here. It relates to my campaign for sheriff, as it relates to something you are doing… I dunno what, but I’m sure you are marketing something. …

The 10 Commandments Of Marketing

Brand Strategy Commandments Of Marketing

The following commandments do not come from a mountaintop. They come from many years of experience in categories from caskets to computers and everything in between.

Thou shalt realize that perception is reality. The only […]