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Banshee music player

While it may be so obvious to those in the know that they don’t think to write it down, I struggled mightily to synchronize my music selection on my two computers. I had some recoreded on the desktop and others on the laptop. I sure didn’t want to re-do the recording time if I didn’t need to.

In Linux Mint, there is a default folder called “Music”. That is where Banshee keeps its songs, albums, graphics, etc. Copy that to the other computer. THEN, go to the Banshee Tools tab and Rescan the music library.

time out for a Major Project

I’m trying to fix something that has been falling apart for most of my life. By now, most people can tell something is wrong. At the other end of the spectrum are folks who think the heap of broken parts cannot be salvaged. I’m of the firm belief that we are in time, but it very definitely IS TIME.

I am fully focusing on repairing the liberty that this one-time free country represented to the world. My writings at have always been and will continue to be a part of this effort. However, my main thrust and […]