handheld radio recommendation

Progress in two-way radios is similar to that in all other electronics. That is to say this recommendation will not be the optimum choice years from now. Nevertheless, this radio can serve you well for many years. The other caveat is there are many good choices. This is only one of them. I am making this suggestion to help the novice find a solid handheld transceiver that is well received within the amateur radio community. In a crowded field of… Read morehandheld radio recommendation

become an amateur radio operator

Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm Darby Library meeting room July 13th – September 7th Handy in many situations, radio communications can be life saving when phones and Internet are down or out of reach Ham radios start where walkie-talkies leave off, with licensed radio operators communicating around the corner and around the world. ARRL License Manual costs $29.95 includes chapters on every aspect of the licensing exam and numerous practice tests Darby Thursday study sessions are FREE YOU can be an amateur radio… Read morebecome an amateur radio operator

Darby Dog Derby … after action report

The Bitterroot Mushers put on another fun and interesting dog sledding and skijorning event last weekend (Jan 14-15, 2017). Brandi and Nicki do an impressive job of pulling this event together and making it run smoothly and efficiently. I was happily able to provide radio communications to and from workers spread out over 30 miles of mountain trails. My hero on the comms side is Rick who both days hitched a ride on a snowmobile to the COLD mountain top… Read moreDarby Dog Derby … after action report

radio communicating options

Handy in many situations, radio communications can be life saving when phones and Internet are down or out of reach. This 2-hour overview covers walkie-talkies across the yard to ham radios around the world. What radios should you have for emergencies? What do they cost? What do they do? How can you be sure they will be available when you really need them? Regular, non-technical people become Ham radio operators all the time. Should you? If so, how? I am… Read moreradio communicating options

emergency radio cards

Assuming that phones and Internet will work unfailingly forever is extraordinarily popular. This is despite the fact everyone knows they don’t, can’t and won’t. Worse, they will fail when everyone most wants information on what is going on and wants to share information on their needs and situations. I recognize this better than most. While to me the need for a radio-based communication network seems obvious, it obviously isn’t. Planning and preparing for the uninterested is challenging, but I’m up… Read moreemergency radio cards

Ham Jam and String Fest

The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC) and its members operate several radio repeaters in the Bitterroot. These enable people with walkie-talkies, mobile and home radios to accomplish two-way communication over a wide area from Darby to Missoula and beyond. While the club members have the ability and willingness to expand the repeater network, they are expensive to set up, costing significantly over $1,000 each for reliable off-grid mountain-top units that can do the job. This Ham Jam and String Fest… Read moreHam Jam and String Fest

become a Ham radio operator

UPCOMING FREE CLASSES Want to obtain your technician license? A tech class will be held October 7th.Classes will be every Tues from 7-9PM at the Stevi Library for 10 sessions. At the end of the ten week session a FCC Volunteer administered exam will be administered to qualify you for your FCC Amateur Radio License. Technician, general and extra class books are available through the club or at class for$29.95. Study online is also available. If you know of anyone… Read morebecome a Ham radio operator

Conner radio repeater

Today I completed my part of construction for the future Ham radio repeater on the knoll above Conner. The first step was to get permission and signed contracts from the landowner allowing it to happen. That wasn’t hard as the new neighbors are great people who are becoming our friends… and who, active in search & rescue, are very supportive of radio communications. Next I had Jeff Cherry of U. S. Communications check the site and design the repeater …… Read moreConner radio repeater

Radio Field Day June 27-29

Field Day is an annual amateur radio event involving radio operators, clubs and groups nation-wide. They set up stations in the field no sooner than Friday morning, then begin practicing communications from “emergency conditions” to as many stations in the USofA as possible. The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC) has been doing this along with the national amateur radio community for decades. This year, our main setup will be at the Darby Loggers Day site. Much more than the contesting… Read moreRadio Field Day June 27-29

FCC radio license testing 3/29

FCC amateur license testing Saturday, March 29th 9:00am testing begins Darby Library The Volunteer Examiners are once again coming to Darby. The photo above is the last graduating class. You can be part of the next one. Doors will open early at the Library for this. Set up is at 8:30am Saturday morning. Testing begins by 9:00am. Tests only take about a half hour. Results take 5 or 10 minutes after you turn your answer sheet in. Testing costs $15,… Read moreFCC radio license testing 3/29