loyal mug

I have a favorite coffee mug. A couple of days ago, I realized it has been my favorite for a long, long time… that is, in coffee mug years. My daughters invited me to a paint-your-own green clay studio back in February ’99. How do I remember when they did that? It says so on the cup I painted. The shape of the lip, and grace of the cup is crucial. The memories matter. The theme and art cap it… Read moreloyal mug

lighthouse lit

Not wanting to forget turning off our Internet when it isn’t in use, I visualized a lighthouse going along with our brass sailboats. When lit, it would remind us that our wireless and modem were on. Missy dropped it way down my ToDo list quite some time ago by finding a thrift store lighthouse and cable-tying a nightlight to the back of it. As a measure of how much priority work is behind me, I finally got to fool around… Read morelighthouse lit

trombone misuse

With our mud room added on, I needed a way to let guests announce their arrival. Knocking on the old front door wasn’t going to work if they couldn’t get to it. I theorized a ship’s bell might turn the trick. I found a new one on the Internet, but found a bigger, older, heavier one that I lusted after as I suspected it might be heavier, louder and cooler… probably having served a long and full life on an… Read moretrombone misuse

special gift

. Here is a unique . gift idea: . A Website like this. . Mom, dad, grandma… . can have their very own web page. . The whole family could share one. . Your_Name_Here.com – could be a place where privately or publicly you can share photos, notes, tales and conversations on the Internet. . You can share a unique, modern, ultimate, high-tech family photo album, scrapbook or private e-mail network. . I can make it easy for you with… Read morespecial gift

1958 Conn 6H trombone

Highly esteemed among brass musicians are the horns Conn made in Elkhart, Indiana before the company walked away from the community and craftsmen assembled there. Among the hand-made, professional-grade trombones handcrafted in that period are the highly regarded 6Hs, which were a little bit larger in bore than was the norm at that time. They proved to be a great design with a sweet tone in all ranges and tremendous penetration for solo and jazz work. I have read much… Read more1958 Conn 6H trombone

trombone mouthpieces

I WON!!! I tripped over a long lusted after Conn 6H on e-bay that went for well-below-market value. It was a gamble on quality that turned out okay. It arrived yesterday with 3 mouthpieces … more on the horn later. This occasioned a gathering, mass cleaning and analysis of what I have in the way of mouthpieces. I arranged them by width of the backbore and there was a steady bore shrinkage even among what I would have assumed to… Read moretrombone mouthpieces

fire hazard alert

From my mother, I have a sense of smell that is particularly well-suited as a smoke or pre-smoke detector. It alerted me to something amiss in the kitchen. I tracked it to my wife’s plastic tool box and the battery-operated soldering iron within. The tools and hardware in her well-stuffed box had shifted into a position that depressed the trigger on the soldering iron. The tip was hot enough to melt solder and was busily trying to melt or ignite… Read morefire hazard alert


While nobody is going to mistake me for a sculptor, even the best started somewhere. More significantly, after shoveling one of the only snowfalls of any consequence I can ever remember falling on the Treasure Valley, I couldn’t just leave the big pile of snow in our yard looking ugly.