Last fall two of my websites were cyber-attacked. Initially it appeared very expensive to cure and protect each domain; each website. With a little soul-searching, I idled down this website. I seem to have cured the infection, and found some protection that was affordable. Not like having Green Berets, or a Navy Seal Team covering my six, but a decent compromise between cost and benefit. A LOT of projects have been completed in the interim. I will be posting here… Read moreI FIXED IT!

FOR SALE – tidy cabin on The Bitterroot

We spent over four years making this perfect for the two of us, but it is a bit snug with my Mom here too. We are moving to more appropriate housing and leaving our lovely riverside home behind. Major remodeling along with addition of the adjacent lot to our lease transformed this river-front home into a real find. I published many posts including pictures taken in our yard under the heading “Post Card From Conner“. That is what living here… Read moreFOR SALE – tidy cabin on The Bitterroot

shame on us

My postings here were distracted by impressive events on the home front. We trusted, loved, gave without measure of ourselves and resources. We were building family: a strong nuclear, multi-generational family in an extraordinarily healthy community. In our dream the kids, who had a bad habit of moving on every year or two, would find our world so perfect in every way that they would cherish, treasure, and work together with us to build a dream we all could share…. Read moreshame on us

out to lunch

I apologize for the absence of current postings. Support for the next generation just blew up in our faces. Who-da-thunk helping would be punished? It is a complicated psychology wherein the helpees have to deamonize the helpers in order to justify their failure to uphold their part of the bargain. Nevertheless, we have been thoroughly deamoninzed. Our world will be stabilizing in a few days. The future is bright. I will get back to sharing my world views here shortly…. Read moreout to lunch

certified olive oil

I am proud that I do not unquestioningly accept pronouncements from OFFICIALS. But the University of California, Davis olive oil story broadcast all over the lamestream and Internet media sucked me in. I hate to admit I was faked out by the fake story on fake olive oil, 🙁 but am happy to publish the other side. 🙂 Once you read the information on the graphics below, you will distrust Davis too. The good news is that you can trust… Read morecertified olive oil

capped the dude

Shortly after I switched from a ’63 Porsche hardtop to a topless ’56 Porsche Speedster, I tripped over a street merchant in San Francisco who was hawking his hand-made caps. It was a bit more than I could justify spending, but an elk-hide Greek fisherman’s cap fit my head, needs and desires so well that it went home with me. It became “The Speedster Hat”. It lived in The Speedster and rode on my head summer, winter, rain and shine…. Read morecapped the dude

campaign spending

I am on the November 8th ballot for Montana Governor because the incumbent is an anti-self-defense elitist, and because no other candidate will make ending cannabis prohibition and testing the safety of our soil, air and water into important priorities. Every vote in the [X] Ted Dunlap for governor box says those things are important enough that person bothered to cast a ballot for them. I do not expect to be elected governor. I could handle it well were that… Read morecampaign spending


I have had dreams where I could fly. Not the supersonic or hypersonic way Superman did, but effortless travel in all directions including vertical. During them I was always amazed that the only thing holding me back had been my inability to believe I could. And that turned out to be how they ended as well. Even knowing I had just flown, I could not get off the ground because the belief was no longer strong enough. In the waking… Read moresoaring

recent PatchWorks designs

This is all available at the Patch Works.biz, along with nearly half of our design inventory. The rest will be loaded online as time permits. Click on any of these images to see them fully. Most of these are .jpg images created by the computer-aided-design (CAD) program that runs our embroidery machines. There is hand work that we do after the machines finish to cut threads, seal them and dress the patch edges. Thus what you see is not quite… Read morerecent PatchWorks designs

radio, reloading bench

I am more than a little surprised today to discover I never shared my finished product here. Ta Da! One of the endearing bits of me as far as the Missus is concerned is my role as “Shelf-Meister”. I have squeezed just about as much shelf space into this (and prior) homes as imaginable. Of course they are STRONG, but also functional and suit the spaces handsomely for us. The white shelves to the left were TEMPORARY with those metal… Read moreradio, reloading bench

back pain gone

I just realized I did not share the final chapter in my herniated disc tale. I was successful in treating it without the 50/50 chance of being crippled for life that AMA treatments offered. As far as I can tell, my back is 100% of what it would have been if I’d never injured it. Here’s the tale I told at Ted Dunlap .net last summer. logger back It has been weeks since I had any back pain or sciatica… Read moreback pain gone